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Android Placa base integrada (WIFI version)

Modelo Nº WUABAB120V0000N0NX01

►Embedded Single Board Computer with WIFI
►WIFI/BT 2-channel CAN Bus included
►NXP Cortex-A9 Solo/Dual lite/Quad core @ 1.0GHz
►Placa DDR3 de hasta 1GB y 8GB de memoria Flash NAND eMMC
►Admite pantalla de alta resolución LVDS, interfaz RGB e HDMI V1.4
►Full HD Decoder, 2D/3D, OpenGL ES2.0 or up
►Bajo consumo de energía
►Admite Android 4.4.2
►Admite 6 tipos de módulo TFT de 5"~12,1" (Admite RGB & LVDS)


Embedded One Board Computer (WIFI version) - WUABAB120V0000N0NX00


Placa base integrada

Processor System CPU NXP i.MX6 Family, Base on ARM Cortex-A9 processor
    iMX6 Q - Quad core 1.0GHz (Quad core up to 1GHz per core)
    iMX6 DL - Dual core 1.0GHz (Dual core up to 1GHz per core)
    iMX6 S - Solo core 1.0GHz (Single core up to 1GHz per core)
Memory Memory Onboard DDR3L 1GB x64 bit (2GB Max)
  Mass storage  On-board eMMC drive, up to 8GB (128GB Max)
Video LVDS 24 bit LVDS (1024*600、1280*800)
  RGB 24-bits TTL with DE+ H/V sync (800*480; 480*272 for solo)
  HDMI V1.4a (1920*1080)
Graphic Graphic engine Dedicated 2D Hardware accelerator
    Dedicated 3D Hardware accelerator (Supports OpenGL ES2.0 3D)
  H/W Video codec Support MPEG 1/2/4, H.264 Hardware Decoder.
  Display Support 2 types independent display with iMX6DL and i.MX6D/Q
Network Ethernet 1 GbE + IEEE1588 with RJ45 slot
  WIFI/BT BLE 4.0 (internal USB for option WIFI Module, Optional Parts)
USB USB 2 Standard USB 2.0 type A ; 1 x USB 2.0 OTG
    2*USB2.0 with pin header
Audio Audio WM8903 Audio codec with 3.5 mm stereo jack
    Mic in, Line out internal pin header
I/O Serial port 4 x RS232 (3 x ePH connector, 1x ePHD for console,) ; 
    1 x RS485 (1 x ePH connector)
  CAN Bus 2 x Flex CAN (3.5mm industrial connector, Optional Parts)
  IIC 1 (Client, for PCAP use)
  GPIO 32-pin 3.3V TTL Level GPIOs / 2-pin TTL PWM output
Touch Panel Resistive 4-wire Resistive type (onboard)
  Capacitive CTP is driven IIC interface
Clock RTC RTC Circuitry for low power consumption with Battery on-board
Expansion SD Socket 1 *μSD Slot (support up to SDXC)
Power Voltage DC9V ~ DC24V±10%
  Consumption 2.5W
Environment Temperature -20℃ ~ 70℃ (Operating)
    -30℃ ~ 80℃ (Storage)
Operating System   Android 4.4.2 (WUABAB Series)
Dimension   130mm * 95mm * 20mm
Certification   CE/FCC


Position on Connector and Pin Header
Connector No. Description Connector No. Description
J2(J8) DC Power Jack J15 RS485 port
J5 Micro SD Card Slot J11 Audio input interface
J6 USB port in Type A connector J12 Audio output interface
J7 Ethernet in RJ45 Slot J19 RTP interface
J22 GPIO port1 J4 3.5mm Earphone+ Micro phone
J24 GPIO port2 J1 USB OTG interface
J9, J20 USB port in pin header J21 CAN Bus
J16, J18,J26 RS232 port J25 I2C interface for CTP(PCAP)
J23 RS232 for Console J14 RGB LCD interfaces
J10 LVDS LCD interfaces J3 HDMI
SW2 Display selection switch    
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