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OLED 128x32, 128x32 OLED Display, 0.91 inch OLED

Model No. WEO012832D

►Type: Graphic (Without Frame)
►Structure: COG
►Size: 0.91 inch OLED
►128x32 OLED Display
►Built-in controller SSD1306BZ
►3V Power supply
►1/32 duty
►Interface: SPI
►2017 Taiwan Excellence Award


0.91" OLED suitable for wearable device

The 0.91 inch is one of the most popular sizes of COG OLED for wearable displays which received 2017 Taiwan Excellence Award. Winstar Graphic COG 128x32 OLED items no. WEO012832D is built-in with SSD1306 IC, it communicates via 4-wire serial SPI interface only. This controller's built-in voltage generation only need a single 3V power supply is needed. These COG 0.91 OLED modules are ultra thin, lightweight and low power consumption which is great for handheld instruments, meters, smart grid, wearable device, E-cigarette, MP3, IoT, etc. One of the significant advantages of COG structure is the FPC usually is bendable comparing to TAB OLED since the FPC is flexible and there is no chip on the PFC. Therefore, the customers have less limitation to design the displays on their applications.

  • WEO012832DW : White
  • WEO012832DL : Yellow
  • WEO012832DS : Sky Blue (might have MOQ)



OLED 128x32, 128x32 OLED Display, 0.91 inch OLED - WEO012832D


Interface Pin Function

Pin No. Symbol Description
1 C2P Charge pump capacitor
2 C2N Charge pump capacitor
3 C1P Charge pump capacitor
4 C1N Charge pump capacitor
5 VBAT Charge pump requlator
6 VSS Ground Pin
7 VDD Voltage for logic
8 CS# Chip Select Pin
9 RES# Reset Signal Pin  
10 D/C# Data/Command Control Pin
11 SCLK Serial clock
12 SDIN Serial data 
13 IREF SEG Current Refer Pin
14 VCOMH COM deselected level
15 VCC Panel driving voltage

Mechanical Data

Item Dimension Unit
Module dimension 30.0 × 11.50 mm
Viewing area 24.384 × 7.584  mm
Active area 22.384  × 5.584  mm
Dot pitch 0.175  × 0.175  mm
Dot size 0.152 × 0.152  mm

Electronical Characteristics

Item Symbol Condition Standard Value Unit
Min Typ Max
Supply Voltage VDD --- 2.8 3.0 3.3 V

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